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Chakra Errors

Kirlian photographs, which are color pictures of a person’s biofield, do not scientifically validate the existence of circles in front of the body following the order of the rainbow colors starting with red… continue reading »

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Testimonial of J. Ferg on natural health by Wellbrocks

Testimonial | J. Ferg

In 2014 I survived a 28-foot fall, suffering a T9 & T10 traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI). I was told by a team of doctors that I would never be able to work full-time and I’d be on pain medication the rest of my life. It was devastating news, not something anyone would want to hear...continue reading »»

Pam Wellbrock

Pam Wellbrock

My family and I live on a large hobby farm in central Wisconsin. In the evening, sitting out on the front porch, we enjoy beautiful sunsets while watching our peacocks fanning their amazing feathers. In the background of my picture on the home page, you'll see the full granite stones which cover the entire exterior surface of our home; giving it a truly natural look. Horses and dairy goats graze in the surrounding pastures. In the summer months we all pitch in raising organic vegetables, berries, grapes, apples, pears, and cherries. Living in this peaceful environment is a blessing....continue reading »

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