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Did you ever wonder why you feel really good after talking to some people, and depressed after talking to others? Words have incredible energy, and this energy can be upbuilding or destructive. Words are very powerful! Scripture speaks of the tongue in Proverbs 18:21, “The tongue has the power of life and death.” Dr. Masaru Emoto (1943- 2014) has evidence to support Proverbs 18:21. For a decade he took pictures of water crystals which were exposed to various words, music, and conditions. He concluded that positive words create a beautiful response, while negative words create chaos.

Words Impact the Body

Since the human body is about 70% water, we are personal receivers of our own thoughts, and others receive energy from the words we speak to them. What we think and say has a powerful impact on life itself!

How did Dr. Emoto make Crystal Pictures of Words?

“A word is written on a bottle of distilled water and is left for 12 hours. Drops are then placed onto petri dishes and frozen. The petri dishes are placed under a microscope with light and camera attached. As the water begins to thaw one of two things will happen.

It will either grow into a three-dimensional crystal (rising from the surface of the drop) or it will simply melt into an array of disjointed bubbles.

The entire life-span of the crystal is about two minutes and is often melting in one area while still forming in another. Photos are taken throughout the process documenting each stage.”

What were the Results?

“The result was that we always observed beautiful crystals after giving good words, playing good music, and showing, playing, or offering pure prayer to water. On the other hand, we observed disfigured crystals in the opposite situation.”

“The words with a positive connotation to them such as “Love & Gratitude,” “Hope,” and “Peace” altered the water to form beautiful crystals.

Words with negative connotations, such as “You Fool,” and “I Hate You,” result in round misshapen images under the microscope, often looking almost diseased – completely removing the pure hexagonal shape of the water.”1

Power of Words Video 

Watch Your Words

No one yet has raised enough funds and completed similar experiments, such as Dr. Emoto’s, to scientifically validate his work. So, he classified his crystal pictures as works of art, which is safe on his part, of course. What I’ve seen in my experience about the energy of words completely backs up his personal findings.

If you do not change your words, they will change you! Did you ever hear someone say, “I hate to see….” Will the person saying this have eye issues one day? Or, “That person is a pain in the neck!” Do you think the person saying this might have neck issues?

The emotions we attach to a part of our body will be impacted by the energy of those words. Would it be better to say, “I see clearly.” Or, “I like to be upright,” to have a good strong back?

In addition to what you say, always be aware of what you are thinking. This may affect you even more than the words you say out loud, because most people usually monitor their words better than their thoughts. Thinking negative thoughts will impact you negatively.

Are your personal thoughts constructive or destructive?  Bright thoughts bring a bright future. If you’d like to know your future, develop it yourself! Take a look at the post, “Heart is Emotion Center,” for a meditation technique for overcoming negative thoughts. Meditation is a great way to keep the mind going in the right direction.

Voice Mandala

Words can be represented with frequency pictures. I spoke the word “hallelujah” into a very specialized computer program and this is the beautiful image it generated from my voice. Each word carries a unique image. Evil words create distorted images while good words are lovely!

PowerStrip Therapy

One of the many energetic components of PowerStrips is the use of the word love. On the outside of a strip, the word Love is written in various languages around the world. Love is a universal positive energy word impacting the body with a high frequency. This is verified by pictures of crystallized water in Dr. Emoto’s Power of Words video earlier in the post.

Dr. Glen Rein Scientific Validation


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