Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel Meridians

Conception Vessel Meridian Chart by Wellbrocks

The governing and conception vessels are extra meridians not associated with a specific organ. They carry energy up the front and back of the body. When energy does not have enough intensity to travel up these meridians the brain receives insufficient energy for optimum function. Scar tissue from surgeries and spinal injuries often block optimum flow of energy through these two meridians. The negative emotion which weakens the governing vessel is haughtiness. Balsam fir is a beneficial essential oil for the governing vessel. You may view these points on the enlarged chart.


Governing Vessel 

  • Governing Vessel Meridian Chart by WellbrocksGV 3 Leg circulation, sciatica, low back pain
  • GV 4-5 Low back pain, stiffness, aching
  • GV 6-7 Kidney aching, low back pain, discomfort
  • GV 8-9 Stiffness, sore mid-back, curve in spine
  • GV 10-11 Stabbing pain, difficult breathing
  • GV 12 Pain between shoulder blades

Besides using the tradition acupuncture points, you may use the following list of nerve reflexes to various organ systems of the body. Use this outline for a more concise reference to each organ of the body. Place a strip on any area having symptoms along the spine. When you visit a chiropractor for spinal adjustments, have this person place a strip over the weak area immediately after an adjustment. This aids in retaining the adjustment by increasing energy to hold the vertebra in place.

Starting from the top of the spine, there are seven cervical vertebra. The top two vertebra are underneath the skull, and difficult to reach. By placing a PowerStrip by the lower cervical vertebra, the energy will flow up to the top two, giving them energy as well. The 12 thoracic vertebra have ribs attached to them. After the last rib, there are five lumbar vertebra. Below the lumbar vertebra are the sacrum and coccyx.

Cervical Vertebra Reflexes

  • C1 Brain, ears, nerves
    • Symptoms – headache, nervousness, insomnia, dizziness
  • C2 Eyes, ears, sinuses, tongue
    • Symptoms – pain around eyes, sinus issues, earache
  • C3 Facial bones, teeth, throat
    • Symptoms – neuralgia, toothache, acne
  • C4 Nose, lips, mouth, eustachian tube
    • Symptoms – runny nose, hearing loss, stinging lips
  • C5 Vocal cords, neck glands, pharynx
    • Symptoms – laryngitis, throat issues
  • C6 Neck muscles, shoulders, tonsils
    • Symptoms – Stiff neck, tonsillitis, choking type cough
  • C7 Thyroid gland, shoulders, elbows
    • Symptoms – thyroid issues, bursitis

Thoracic Vertebra Reflexes

  • T1 Arms from elbow down, hands, wrist, fingers
    • Symptoms – difficult breathing, pain in lower arm and hand
  • T2 Heart, coronary artery
    • Symptoms – heart and chest issues
  • T3 Lungs, bronchial tubes, pleura, chest, breast
    • Symptoms – bronchitis, pleurisy, chest congestion
  • T4 Gallbladder
    • Symptoms – gallbladder issues, jaundice
  • T5 Liver, solar plexus, circulation
    • Symptoms – liver issues, poor circulation, arthritis
  • T6 Stomach
    • Symptoms – stomach issues, indigestion
  • T7 Pancreas, duodenum
    • Symptoms – ulcer, gastritis, poor digestion
  • T8 Spleen
    • Symptoms – low immune system and blood quality
  • T9 Adrenal Gland
    • Symptoms – allergies, low energy
  • T10 Kidneys
    • Symptoms – kidney issues, edema, backache
  • T11 Kidney Ureters
    • Symptoms – skin conditions, swelling
  • T12 Small Intestine
    • Symptoms – gas, bloating, malabsorption

Lumbar Vertebra Reflexes

  • L1 Large intestine, ileocecal valve
    • Symptoms – constipation, colitis, irritable bowel
  • L2 Appendix, abdomen, upper legs
    • Symptoms – cramps, varicose veins
  • L3 Sex organs, bladder, knees
    • Symptoms – bladder issues, menstrual issues, impotency
  • L4 Prostate gland, low back muscles, sciatic nerve
    • Symptoms – sciatica, backache, urination issues
  • L5 Lower legs, ankles, feet
    • Symptoms – poor circulation in legs, swollen ankles, cold feet
  • Sacrum- Hip bones, buttocks
    • Symptoms – sacroiliac conditions, low backache
  • Coccyx- Rectum, anus
    • Symptoms – hemorrhoids, anal itching, pain while sitting

Conception Vessel Meridian

Conception Vessel Meridian Chart by WellbrocksThe conception vessel meridian flows from the bottom of the crotch upward to the bottom of the lip. Strong energy needs to flow upward for good abdominal strength. Placing a PowerStrip over the bladder area just above the pubic hair line sends energy up this meridian. If the conception vessel energy is very weak, place another strip on the stomach or sternum to boost the energy up through the neck area to its ending point below the lower lip. The negative emotion which weakens the conception vessel is shame. Rosemary is a beneficial essential oil for the conception vessel. You may view these points on the enlarged chart.

  • CV 5-7 Male/female issues, menstrual cramping, bladder
  • CV 9-11 Abdominal pain, hernia, bloating, poor digestion
  • CV 13-14 Hiatal hernia, nausea, acid reflux, tension
  • CV 17-18 Lung issues, breast issues, palpitations
  • CV 20-22 Chest pain, asthma, immune weakness
  • CV 23 Pain in throat, difficulty swallowing
  • CV 24 Facial pain, mouth issues, dental issues



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