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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been using acupuncture for over 3,000 years as a technique for pain relief and increasing energy in the body. Needles are placed along energy pathways (meridians) to open blockages in the energy flow, generating a natural healing response. Similar to a beaver dam blocking the flow of water in a stream, when energy flow in the body is blocked, its disruption may contribute to aches/pains and loss of function. When an abundance of far infrared energy is flowing freely throughout the body, a person feels much better.

What is Far Infrared?

Far Infrared (FIR) is the invisible frequency continually emitted from the sun and the body. When feeling the warmth of the sun, you are feeling FIR. This invisible frequency flows at a higher pitch along meridians (energy pathways) of the body, which is detected by sensitive devices. My early Shiatsu training laid the foundation for my awareness of FIR frequencies. An abundance of FIR is sensed by a warmth flowing throughout the body and energy field. A low level of FIR is sensed as coolness when touching a person and also in their energy field.  See the post, “Water and Light Generates Energy,” for information about energy being generated when light passes through water. See “Quantum Energy Explained” for foundational understanding.

What are Light Frequencies?

Introducing PowerStrips for Increasing Energy

3-1/2" x 5" PowerStripA highly intelligent South Korean, Dr. Minsu Kim, designed an effective, easy to use PowerStrip as a natural energy remedy. This 3½ x 5 inch adhesive strip contains an outer layer of crystalline germanium. The layer of crystals reflects FIR frequencies into your tissues, which in turn increases heat, relieving pain and discomfort. PowerStrips may be worn continually, replacing one every two days with a new one. FIR energy increases and flows throughout your entire body the whole time a person is wearing a PowerStrip! Balanced energy in the body is attained when all meridians have an equal level of FIR flowing through them. This is amazing technology!  The post picture is a thermal image of a person’s lower leg energy before and after using a PowerStrip. Notice how much the FIR energy has increased!

PowerStrips also contain world renown fermented Korean red ginseng. See the post, “Ginseng – Powerhouse of Benefits,” for an impressive list of therapeutic components in ginseng. Open cell marine phytoplankton provides more key nutrients for combating pain and inflammation. See the post, “Marine Phytoplankton Super Food,” to learn all about this incredible nutrient source.

Dr. Minsu Kim  imprints the PowerStrips with fifty patented Quantum Energy (QE) frequencies. All components blend synergistically for truly amazing benefits in building and balancing the energy of the body. His QE generating device imprints PowerStrips with frequencies to support DNA, muscles, bones, skin, nerves, organs, and immune system. This QE processing takes approximately three days to complete.

PowerStrips are listed as an FDA Class I (safe) medical device and are certified by the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) as being free of performance enhanced drugs and banned substances.

How do PowerStrips Increase FIR Frequencies?

How long can I Wear PowerStrips?

PowerStrips are worn on an “as needed” basis. Your specific needs will determine how long you choose to wear them. Some achieve their goals in a matter of weeks, while others use them long term. When an overabundance of FIR energy is created in one area of the body, overflow FIR energy travels through the meridians to other areas of the body needing energy. They are anti-aging as well.

Where do I Place PowerStrips?

PowerStrips may be placed on injured areas, weak areas, scar tissue, painful muscles, or anywhere you’d like to increase energy flow. They work especially well for cramping and muscle tension. They are FDA listed for pain relief and improving the look and feel of skin. Each organ of the body has a meridian (energy flow) system. PowerStrips may be placed along meridians, as outlined on the Charts located  up on the top menu bar. Or, they may be placed in any convenient, stable location.

If you are having pain or discomfort along a meridian pathway, by placing a PowerStrip in this location, you will increase energy. Just like in the picture accompanying this post, energy travels throughout the entire body. Pain reduction shows improvement in energy flow. It might be challenging to decide where to place a PowerStrip when first starting to use them. But in time, understanding increases on how meridians function and it becomes easier to decide where to place them.

Frequency Music Builds Meridian Energy

Along with wearing PowerStrips on weak areas of the body, listening to special frequency music amplifies their benefits. May listening to this beautiful 444Hz music, and others we recommend, bless your energy level!









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