Emotions and Physical Correlations

Think positive

Each emotion impacts the body with a particular physical response. These correlations are noted on meridian posts (linked on the right column) and charts (linked up on the menu bar). This post provides an outline for emotions and physical correlations to use as a handy chart. Understanding how emotions play a vital role in our health provides recovery from low energy issues. Finding emotional roots and using the meditation technique might be the answer you have been searching for in recovering from chronic health issues. See testimonials from people who have overcome tough circumstances.

“For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7)

Psychoneuroimmunology is the field of study discovering the mechanisms that connect the mind to our nervous and immune systems. This has been understood for thousands of years through traditional oriental medical theory, yet is more recently being discovered through modern medical approaches. We are aware that identical twins, having different environments and circumstances, often manifest very different issues, even though their DNA is the same. Here are a few excerpts from an extensive report compiled by the Department of Psychology, Plattsburgh State University of New York.

“Research in epigenetics has shown that it is not our genes that control us, but rather their expression. Epigenetics, therefore, concerns itself with the mechanisms upon which gene expression depends, and explores how our genes may be controlled by environmental factors. Environment in this context refers to exogenous factors such as nutrition, climate, and stressful life events, but it may also refer to factors that originate from the individual such as attitudes, perceptions, personality characteristics, that are often primed during early childhood.”

“Observations have been made that people with a negative outlook on life generally lead shorter lives and have poorer health. O’Donovan et al. (2009) examined the personality trait “pessimism,” and they found it to be associated with a diminishing of the immune system.”

“The brain is part of this unit and our personality, our emotional states, our thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions are composed of conscious and unconscious processes in our brain that directly affect the rest of our bodies.” 1


Fear — Kidney

Easily irritated — Bladder

Anxious — Heart

Uncertainty — Small Intestine

Worry — StomachEmotions and Physical Correlations by Wellbrocks: Ministering through natural health education

Undervalued — Spleen

Not enough — Pancreas

Grief — Lung

Uptight — Large Intestine

Hard to change — Gallbladder

Easily angered — Liver

Greed — Circulation

Unstable — Endocrine

Too sensitive — Nerves

Stuck — Lymph

Unsafe — Immune

Lack of direction — Joints

Overprotective — Fat

Unprotected — Skin

To view a comprehensive chart with all organ correlations click here.

Meditation Technique

To overcome negativity, think positive! Focus on what emotions you’d like to change, while believing you can be an overcomer.

I am [insert positive emotion] when I believe I can overcome being [insert negative emotion].


Emotional Release Techniques

While meditating on the emotion you are overcoming, place one hand over your forehead and the other hand on the organ correlated with this emotion. This technique makes a direct energetic connection for quick release of the emotional tension in the specific organ.

Emotions and Physical Correlations by Wellbrocks: Ministering through natural health education

Tapping or holding wrist points is another technique for releasing emotional memories from an organ system.  This chart shows the locations of meridian energy points. While holding the hand with the organ needing therapy over the forehead, with a finger from the other hand, tap or touch lightly for an organ labeled on the outside of the wrists on the chart. Tap or touch deeply for an organ labeled on the inside of the wrists on the chart.  You’ll be amazed at the quick energetic release from your nervous system.

Click here or on the image to view this chart in a larger version for easier reading.

Frequency Music for Increasing Energy and Releasing Stress

Our Store sells therapeutic harp music for meditation and relaxation. See the posts, “Balancing Energy with Music and Color Frequencies,” and “Music for Balancing Energy” to learn about the benefits of listening to frequency music.


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