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The Frequency of Life CD, Music for Balancing Frequencies by Wellbrocks: Ministering through natural health education

The harp is one of the oldest instruments in history. It has long been known that harp music calms the spirit, mind and body. The harp’s vibrations penetrate body tissues at the cellular level to facilitate healing. To increase this powerful healing, Avadim’s songs are written and recorded in the ancient Solfeggio scale, A=444Hz which produces C=528Hz. That is the frequency that scientists say repairs our DNA. It brings the strands that have been separated back to their helix formation. When we listen to these tones, this music has a balancing effect for our energy.

About Maureen and Don

Maureen Clarke is a harpist and composer living inBalancing Frequencies with Music by Wellbrocks: Ministering through natural health education Canada, with a heart-filled passion to bring healing and restoration through her songs. Don, her husband, has been expressing his musicality since the womb. His vocals, guitar, keys, percussion and anything else that needs playing, as well as song-writing, complete the Avadim mix. Don is also a talented artist, painting the beautiful pictures used on their CD covers.

Maureen is passionate about her musical journey with an instrument that brings healing and restoration. Brought up in a musical family, her love for music began at a young age. It was in a time of rest and healing that her lifelong desire to play the harp came to be. Maureen is a self taught harpist whose original compositions, predominantly uninfluenced by others, are drawn from deep within.

Harp music is healing and restorative because vibrations penetrate body tissues at the cellular level. Maureen tunes her harp up to A=444Hz and C=528Hz for healing of the spirit, mind and body. It is believed that King David tuned his instruments in these same frequencies. His harp-playing  calmed King Saul’s troubled soul. The harp was also used to release the prophetic word. When we listen to the music in the Solfeggio frequencies, an increase of healing and defense against disease is often released.

Life is too Short to Live out of Tune

The Frequency of Life CD by Wellbrocks: Ministering through natural health educationWe are happy to announce the addition of The Frequency of Life CD (sample music at to our energy healing music for sale in our Store. Refer to the post, “Balancing Energy with Music and Color Frequencies,” for more info about the value of this type of frequency music. Whenever you feel out of balance and would like to regain balance, or simply maintain energetic balance, listen to The Frequency of Life or our other recommended harp music; more is coming soon!




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