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Are you looking for an easy reference guide for common essential oils? Here are descriptive words which identify a main component of frequently used essential oils. Each essential oil provides a wide variety of benefits beyond these specific functions, so this is simply a quick reference guide. Ameo provides the public with fine clinical grade essential oils, typically used only in a clinical setting. Beware of impure EOs on the market. Click here for videos explaining the difference. When using Ameo’s oils, you’ll be blessed with the highest potency.

How are Essential Oils Standardized?

Essential oils may be standardized in a variety of ways, including gas chromatography-mass spectrometer (GC-MS) measurements. Criminal forensics uses this type of testing for drug detection. Urine drug testing for athletes is becoming increasingly popular, detecting minute traces of the substances being tested. Since high standardization is not required before selling an essential oil, most companies do not use this expensive process for each and every batch produced.

Ameo provides an amazing Certi5 certification. Each essential oil bottle is labeled on the bottom with its certification number, including GC-MS testing. When this number is entered on the Ameo site, a full lab disclosure is available for your viewing. Be assured that every single batch of Ameo essential oils meets or exceeds the US Pharmacopeia (USP), ISO (International Standards Organization), and AFNOR (Association French Normalization Organization Regulation) standards. which are high standard setting agencies for a variety of products. Ameo is unique in providing this full disclosure to the purchaser. Ameo essential oils are manufactured to be the finest available.  In addition to GC-MS testing, additional tests are performed ensuring no heavy metals, pesticide residues, hazardous pathogens, or any other foreign substances are present. Each batch is verified to be cell permeable and cell active. The difference in Ameo compared to other brands is amazing.

Easy Reference Guide

Bergamot – antidepressant
Black Pepper – digestant
Chamomile – sleep-inducing
Cinnamon – warming
Clove – antiparasitic
Eucalyptus – decongestant
Fir – analgesic
Frankincense – regenerating
Ginger – anti-nausea
Grapefruit – fat-dispersing
Hyssop – oxygenating
Lavender – relaxing
Lemon – detoxing
Lemongrass – joint support
Myrtle – balancing
Orange – refreshing
Oregano – antiseptic
Peppermint – soothing
Tangerine – astringent
Tea Tree – antifungal
Thyme – antibacterial
Turmeric – anti-inflammatory
Ylang-ylang – invigorating

Glossary of Terms

Analgesic – pain relieving
Antibacterial – counteracts bacteria
Anti-depressant – alleviates depression
Antifungal – counteracts fungus
Anti-inflammatory – reduces inflammation
Anti-nausea – counteracts nausea
Antiparasitic – aids in expelling parasites
Antiseptic – preventive for microorganism growth
Astringent – strengthening of tissues
Balancing – stabilizing
Decongestant – clearing congestion
Detoxing – cleansing
Digestant – aids in digestion
Fat-dispersing – emulsifying
Inspiring – motivational
Invigorating – uplifting
Joint Support – anti-inflammation
Oxygenating – increasing oxygen level
Refreshing – revitalizing
Relaxing – relieving tension
Regenerating – promoting new growth
Sleep-inducing – bringing about sleep
Soothing – calming
Warming – benefits circulation

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Visit the Essential Oil page for information about Ameo’s wonderful clinical grade essential oils. Their EOs far surpass the energetic and potency and quality than others on the market.

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