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Mastering discernment of the body’s biofield provides the understanding of the mechanism of tissue maintenance and restoration. When a person is surrounded by a strong biofield, it responds in a positive manner (attracting) to beneficial substances, and in a negative manner (repelling) to harmful or unnecessary substances. This electromagnetic field functions similarly to a cell membrane’s receptor sites, discerning which nutrients are beneficial, allowing them to enter a cell wall according to each cell’s specific nutritional needs.


Science of Magnetism

William Gilbert (1540-1603) was the first to investigate magnetism using scientific methods. He discovered that the earth is a magnet. In 1820 Hans Christian Oersted discovered that an electric current produces magnetic fields (Oersted law). In 1831 Michael Faraday discovered the principle of electromagnetic induction (Faraday’s law of induction).

Magnetism is caused by the motion of electric charges. Every substance is made up of atoms, which contain protons, neutrons, and electrons. Electrons are particles that carry electric charge. The body’s trillions of live cells create and sustain a large magnetic field around the body.

The north pole of one magnet will draw towards (attract) the south pole of another magnet; opposite poles attract. Identical poles push away (repel) from each other. This phenomenon is designed for maintaining equilibrium in electromagnetic environments, of which the body is one. For example, the earth has a north pole and a south pole, with the equator being at the center of the magnetic field. The function of a compass is well-known, using earth’s magnetic field to register directions. When any charged particle—such as the electron, proton or ion—is in motion, magnetic lines of force rotate around the particle. This example aids in understanding the magnetism of the human body.


Nature is wonderfully designed to established and maintain homeostasis. For example, when one area of the world receives a lot of rain, another area becomes dryer, creating balance in precipitation patterns. When one season is very warm, the next season compensates by being colder, creating average temperatures within a climate zone. The food chain is an amazing example of homeostasis. Magnetic environments are the same; they maintain magnetic homeostasis.

As in our environment, the body desires to maintain magnetic homeostasis. When the body is low on water, a person becomes thirsty to balance the need for water. When a person is low on sleep, the body becomes sleepy, desiring to balance the need for sleep. The list goes on and on as to how the body has a natural design for staying in balance. When a person gets out of balance, this weakens the harmony within the body’s electromagnetic field, throwing off its magnetic homeostasis.

Plasma has Electromagnetic Field

What if Homeostasis is Lost?

What if a person becomes so out of touch with their natural magnetism that they don’t desire healthy things, like drinking sufficient purified water or going to bed on time? This is an interesting question worth answering. Sometimes the body becomes so stressed or fatigued that the electromagnetic field reverses its polarity, thus causing decisions in some instances to be backwards. For example, when someone’s polarity is reversed, the desire to drink water is lost, even when a person should logically be thirsty.  Or, when a person is very tired, it is difficult falling asleep or staying asleep. Restoring homeostasis becomes quite a challenge when a person’s electromagnetic charge is diminished or reversed.

How to Build the Electromagnetic Field (Biofield)

Building a person’s electromagnetic field is accomplished by discerning (sensing) the electromagnetic field and following (harmonizing with) its flow. When bringing a food item close to the body, if the magnetic field pushes the body backwards, the body is rejecting this food. When the body moves away from a food, it is best to avoid consuming this food for time being. If the body is drawn toward a particular food, it is most likely good for a person to consume this food. Doing this sensing with the body’s electromagnetic field on a regular basis, and strictly adhering to the results, builds the strength of the body’s biofield. Ignoring the results of this natural sensing of the body contributes to weakening of the electromagnetic field.

Examples from Nature

A few years ago, when one of my goats was unwilling to eat her grain mixture, I took her for a walk in the woods to see what she was attracted to eating. Immediately, she was drawn to a pine tree, quickly consuming quite a bit of its bark, eating nothing else. The next day she was back to her normal self, eating her regular food with vigor. Pine bark has many beneficial properties, including an antioxidant called pycnogenol.

A couple of years after this incident, another goat refused eating her grain mixture. We walked out in the hay field, curious to observe her choice of the surrounding natural delicacies. She quickly ate all the red clover tops she could locate, eating nothing else. Just as I suspected, the next day she was back to eating her food. Red clover is an excellent cleansing herb. Our Creator designed a marvelous magnetism within living creatures to be attracted to beneficial substances. How amazing!

Animals and humans are designed to be drawn to what is good for them, rejecting that which is not good for them, if the body’s polarity is flowing in the proper direction.

Cautions When Using This Technique

There are a few cautions when discerning electromagnetic energy. Only perform this testing when the body is fully hydrated. In some instances of dehydration, a person will be drawn towards unhealthy liquids (like soda) in order to hydrate. When the body does this, it has decided that an unhealthy liquid is better than no liquid. This is because hydration is one of the highest priorities in survival.

Secondly, only do this technique when the body’s blood sugar is in balance. When blood sugar is low, a person will be drawn towards unhealthy sugars (like candy) in order to raise low blood sugar. Balanced blood sugar in also one the highest instinctual priorities in survival. The body usually decides that unhealthy sugar is better than not having enough sugar to maintain a balanced blood sugar level, especially for diabetics.

When the body is fully hydrated with pure drinking water, and the blood sugar is balanced with healthy food, this law of attraction or repelling technique works quite well. There might be other rare concerns, so always use rational judgement to override uncertain results. After a few months of using this technique and adhering to the results, electromagnetic testing results become very obvious as the magnetic field becomes stronger.

Substance abuse causes interference in a person’s polarity, and must be overcome before the body is able to effectively use this electromagnetic function. Truth creates a strong magnetic field, while denial of serious problems and other falsehoods distort and weaken the natural magnetism of the body.


When beginning to develop discernment using this law of attraction or repelling within the magnetic field of the body, spend lots of time practicing.

  1. Hold an organic healthy fresh food item, like carrots, way out in front of your chest at arm’s length. Start bringing this item towards the body. Sense the pulling sensation as the body senses this item. (This pulling sensation is strongest when the body is mildly hungry.)
  2. Hold a harmful food or toxic chemical cleaning product in front of your chest.  (Take the cover off the item.) Start bringing this item towards the body. Sense the repelling sensation as the body rejects this toxic item.
  3. Continue testing items with predictable results. There might be a few surprises, so keep an open mind. Some “natural” cleaning supplies may test to be very repelling to the body. Test all personal care products to see how the body reacts to them.
  4. Once the body does well discerning these easy to test items, start testing more challenging items for the body to discern. There is much to learn about what the body likes and what it rejects. For example, one apple may test well, but holding two in your hands may be too much at one time and be rejected. A serving of chicken may test well one meal, but not the next meal if the body would like a break from eating the same food for two meals in a row. Keep in mind that each person may test differently because each person has individual needs based upon their genetics and varying lifestyles. No two people are exactly alike, but most general principles ring true for all people.

Enjoy learning about the electromagnetic field and how it discerns harmful and beneficial energy, just like the cell membrane performs this function for what enters or is rejected by each cell. Contact me for further explanation if there are any questions.

“Remember … the consciousness that created the illness is not the consciousness that will cure it.” …Einstein

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