Detox and Pain Relief Blend

Detoxing Using Oregano by Wellbrocks: Ministering through natural health education

Many essential oils aid in detoxing tissues and pain relief. Mixing a few together enhances their value and potency. For example, blending clove, black pepper, oregano, and peppermint creates a balanced detox and anti-inflammation blend. Once blended, simply add this therapeutic combination to a carrier oil and rub it into swollen or painful areas. Carrier oils are any food-grade oils that absorb easily into the skin. The dilution ratio a person uses varies according to individual needs.


Diluting with a Carrier Oil

Each person’s skin has a different sensitivity level. So, test a little bit of this blend on the skin until the optimum balance with a carrier oil is achieved. Typically twenty percent essential oil (EO) to eighty percent carrier oil is well tolerated. More or less may be used according to a person’s preference. Ameo offers an excellent fractionated coconut oil for deep penetration into the skin and joints. If needed, using a toothpick for measuring one-half drop works well for fine tuning a blend. A toothpick picks up about one-half drop of essential oil when dipped into a liquid.

Detoxing and Pain Relief Blend

When using clove, black pepper, oregano, and peppermint essential oils avoiding tender areas like the eyes, lips, nose, etc. Essential oils are diluted with carrier oils for covering more skin area and not having them at full strength.

Clove has long been used by alternative dentists for naturally calming toothaches. When making this blend, use about thirty percent clove essential oil. Clove has natural blood thinning properties. So, if you plan on using clove and are taking a blood thinning medication, regularly monitor changes that may occur.  Clove speeds healing, clears intestinal parasites, and is antimicrobial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory. Clove contains the highest antioxidant value of any essential oil. Read more:  Ameo Clove Essential Oil Product Information Sheet.

Oregano has a high level of phenols, which are natural phytochemical compounds with antioxidant properties. Carvacrol and thymol are both potent active ingredients in oregano. Other healthful components include: beta-caryophyllin (E-BCP), naringin, rosmarinic acid, and terpenes. Add thirty percent oregano to this blend recipe. Oregano is an herb worth researching! Read more: Ameo Oregano Essential Oil Product Information Sheet.

Black Pepper offers similar cleansing properties as clove, yet it distinctly has its own characteristics for increasing circulation. When circulation increases in an area, a natural anti-histamine and anti-inflammation effect is created. In this blend, use ten percent black pepper to add a nice balancing touch to the formula.  As a side note, when skin loses its normal pigmentation and turns white, black pepper aids in restoring normal melanin.  Black pepper stimulates digestion, circulation, breaks up mucus. and aids in the process of delivering nutrients across cell membranes. Read more: Ameo Black Pepper Essential Oil Product Information Sheet.

Peppermint balances the warming properties of the other essential oils by offering a cooling component to the blend. It improves circulation, soothes tissues, eases tension, and adds a pleasant aroma. Peppermint is a popular addition to sports massage ointments. For this special blend recipe, add about thirty percent peppermint essential oil. Read more: Ameo Peppermint Essential Oil Product Information Sheet.

Essential oils enhance biophoton emissions. The more biophotons in the body and in the biofield, the quicker a person detoxifies.  After rubbing the EO blend into the skin, also placing a PowerStrip on the area speeds up the detoxification process even more. Allow the area to dry for a couple of minutes before applying the strip. Remember to place the PowerStrip above or below a joint (not on a joint or bending may loosen the strip) and rub the actual joint area with the EO blend for a wonderfully synergistic effect. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

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