Structured Water

Water is a liquid crystalline form comprising a large percentage of the body’s molecular structure. Crystals perform multiple functions: they detect, switch, store, modulate, filter, rectify, and amplify energy. A quartz watch is an example. The electrical charge from the battery vibrates the quartz crystal at a certain interval to keep time. Also, crystals amplify energy, creating electrical current. This function is vital for energy flow. Structuring drinking water to be more like fresh water flowing down a waterfall increases the vitality of water.


How does Water Lose its Structure?

When a person spends a lot of time indoors, away from natural sunlight,  water within the body loses some of its electrical charge. The post Water and Sunlight Generates Energy explains this in detail along with a great video by Dr. Pollack. Environmental pollution wreaks havoc on the natural structure and life force of water. In addition, negative thoughts and words create distortions in the structure of the water within the body. The post Energy of Words has an amazing video showing how the structure of water changes in a variety of circumstances.

Not spending time outside on the natural ground decreases the amount of negative ions in the body. Negative ions play an important role in the proper electrical charge of water. Earthing is a great method for stimulating electron flow within the body and fluid structure.

When a person becomes dehydrated, fluids in the body become dense and toxic, creating inflammation, distressing water structure and function. Dehydration creates swelling and pain in various locations, especially joints. Refreshing the body with structured water aids in recovering from a host of maladies.

Silica Supports Crystal Formation

A deficiency of the trace mineral silica (along with other minerals) is another reason for the loss in structure within bodily tissues. Minerals (electrolytes) provide electrical charge which maintains energy production and circulation of fluids. Supplementing the diet with silica and mineral cofactors aids in building strong crystallin bonds. 

Silicon dioxide is the chemical structure of rock crystals. “The mass of earth’s crust is 59 percent silica,” Britannica states. No wonder crystallin sand is a key component of soil. Plant microorganisms uptake and convert sand crystals into organic silica. When plants are consumed, the nourishment they provide supports the strength of tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, bones, hair, skin, and nails. 

Juicing the firm stalks of vegetables, which contain a higher amount of silica compared to the softer leaves, provides an excellent natural source of silica. if it is available in the plant’s growing medium (soil). Silica is also found in nuts, seeds, and sprouted whole grains. Soaking them for a few hours (or overnight) before eating them breaks down nutrient inhibitors for better availability of nutrients (bioavailability).

Detoxing Aluminum

Silica has a natural affinity for aluminum, reacting with it, and forming aluminosilicate. This form of aluminum is easily eliminated from the kidneys while other forms of aluminum tend to accumulate in tissues, especially the brain, perhaps contributing to Alzheimer’s symptoms, according to this article: Non-invasive therapy to reduce the body burden of aluminium in Alzheimer’s disease.

Thrival Nutrients, available in our Store, contains a substantial amount of the trace mineral silica for supporting aluminum detoxification. It also contains an excellent blend of organic herbs to support cleansing and remineralization.

Excess aluminum depletes iron, the oxygen carrying mineral of the body. When the brain is being starved of oxygen, it is only a matter of time before dementia could set in. See the post Mineral Balancing for information on ordering a hair analysis kit which reveals heavy metal toxicity, including aluminum.

The Many Benefits of Good Water

Structuring Water

Structuring water is easy to do at home. Simply attach a vortex magnetizer to the top of a clean water bottle filled three-fourths full of purified water. Then attach an empty water bottle to the other side. Turn the bottles upside down and swirl the top bottle in a clockwise rotation to begin creating a vortex. Allow the water to drain into the lower bottle, repeating this process for a minute or so. This process should include about seven turns of the connected bottles.

How is Water Structured?

As water swirls and passes through the magnets of the vortex magnetizer, water is vitalized, creating crystallin bonds. The stronger the bonds, the better water functions within the body performing its diverse operations, especially cell memory, communication and energy production.

Buy a Water Vortex Magnetizer

Water vortex magnetizers are available for purchase in our Store. After creating structured water, using two plastic water bottles, store the magnetized water in a clean glass jar, using it the same day it is made, for best results. Enjoy full hydration and strengthening your biofield with structured water!

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