Power of Choices

Good choices are incredibly powerful! They propel a person in the right direction on the path of life. Where a person ends up at the end of life is most likely the outcome of the choices one makes. Which choices provide the most power in life? Making the right choices are the most powerful! Here is a list of some incredibly powerful choices: always follow God’s ways, set high goals, live with a purpose, develop a life-long plan, keep moving forward, listen to feedback, and always be thankful. Life and death are in the power of one’s choices.


II Tim. 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

  1. Always follow God’s (YHWH’s) ways. Positive power comes from God. He is righteous and always the right direction to follow.
  2. Set high goals. Pray and meditate about a goal list. List them in priority order. Visualize them daily. Set goals higher than you can even imagine right now.
  3. Live with a purpose. What is important? What is the purpose of life? The greatest purpose in life is developing a servant’s heart.
  4. Develop a life-long plan. See the big picture. See the end from the beginning. Long-term plans develop a powerfully long life.
  5. Keep moving forward. Never give up. Keep doing what is right no matter what obstacles are in the way. Be an overcomer.
  6. Listen to feedback. A multitude of wise counsel develops sound choices. Read Scripture daily and follow its marvelous advice.
  7. Always be thankful. Be thankful for the outcome of each choice, good or bad. Be thankful for the lessons learned from mistakes. Power follows a thankful heart.

Right Choices Build the Body

When a person makes right choices, the biofield (energy of the body) strengthens. Bad choices destroy the body’s electromagnetic field. Wrong choices do not promote life; they are very destructive.

Deuteronomy 28 describes the wonderful benefits for obeying God’s ways, versus a life of disobedience. A righteous life (one with right choices) leads to abundant blessings while rebellion to God’s ways brings surety of destruction upon a person.

Blessings of Deut. 28

According to Deut. 28, these are the areas of life that are blessed when a person makes right choices and follows God’s ways: residence, income, fertility and children, travels, and relations with people. God’s blessings for obedience cover all aspects of life!

Cursings of Deut. 28

A curse is something that comes against a person. The consequences (curses) of doing wrong diminishes the power (strength) of a person doing wrong. When a person sees they are on the path of destruction (weakness), hopefully they will change (repent) and make better choices. If a person continues on the path of disobedience, verse 27 says that the body will eventually become diseased.

Keeping Commandments

All the commands of God promote life and power. Reading and memorizing Scriptures builds strength within the body. Overcoming obstacles and building endurance is part of continuing to follow God’s ways, no matter what distractions or temptations come along. As a person overcomes life’s obstacles and continues to make right choices, strength increases. Right choices promote good health and healing of the mind and the body.

See the post Heart is Emotional Center for a meditation technique designed for overcoming wrong choices. Find a weakness, then walk in faith to overcome it. Go on to the next weakness and do the same thing. Build strength by replacing wrong choices with right choices. Give it good effort!

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