Teeth are Linked to Organs

Each tooth is linked to a specific meridian (energy flow highway of the body) and its organs. Sir William Osler (one of the founding fathers of modern medicine) suggested that the mouth is the mirror to the body. When a person is having an issue with a particular organ, the correlating tooth may become problematic, and vice versa. If a tooth becomes cracked or infected, it may contribute to symptoms in the associated meridian systems and organs. Also, see the Mercury Safety post about hazards from certain tooth fillings.




Click here for an interactive chart regarding teeth and organ correlations and a tooth numbering chart.

Enjoy learning about the fascinating energy systems of the body!

On the top menu bar, CHARTS of the meridians will show the tooth correlations to the meridians for easy reference.

Listening to the sound therapy CD entitled Tuning Fork Sound Therapy for Strengthening Organ Meridians will increase energy flow through the teeth and the meridians.


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