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When a person is in tune, the attitudes of love and kindness will be the norm. When out of tune, a person will show signs of hostility or self-centeredness, expressing a distortion in the energy field. Chaotic organ function results when the body is out of tune for an extended period of time. There are many disharmonic energy fields in the environment which contribute to disharmony within the body. The human body is designed to be surrounded by harmonic energy frequencies such as trees, grassy meadows, flowing rivers, etc., as found in nature.


Disharmonic Energy

The body becomes stressed when surrounded by disharmonic energy fields in an environment containing high power voltage lines, electric appliances, home security systems, television, computers, tablets, cell phones, wi-fi, smart meters, etc. This is self-evident by the fact that people look forward to going out to a “cabin in the country” for the weekend to refresh from the hectic work week at their city job. When a person is unable to refresh on the weekend by going out to the lake or for a hike in the woods, disharmonic energy from the city environment is unable to be released, building up to intolerable levels. Disharmonic energy build-up in the body is called electromagnetic distress.

“The body is to nature as a violin is to an orchestra,
The strings are to a violin as the organs are to the body
For the orchestra to playing harmony all the instruments must be tuned to each other,
If a single instrument is out of tune,the whole sound is dissonance rather than harmony.”
(Beinfeld and Korgold)

EMF Pollution is Increasing

As electromagnetic pollution in the environment increases, it is vital for a person to find alternative methods for maintaining harmonic energy flow within the body. We are just beginning to understand the vast consequences of advanced technology. The above chart which was published in 1993 places EMF pollution as a person’s number one environmental health concern. Since 1993, EMF pollution has all but tripled. EMF exposure has become a problem of epidemic proportion, especially with tens of thousands of satellites beaming strong frequencies towards earth.

The exposure of living organisms to abnormal electromagnetic fields results in significantly altered physiological functions. Perhaps the more than 40,000 children undergoing treatment for cancer each year is linked to an out-of-tune environment. There is a link between childhood leukemia and the low-level electromagnetic field emitted by an electric blanket.

A study conducted by Yale University found that using an electric blanket during pregnancy results in an increased risk of miscarriage. If a simple electric blanket is found to distort a child’s immune system function and a woman’s fertility, what about the numerous high EMF exposures an average person is exposed to within a 24 hour day? Something to consider!

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – The European Space Agency on Friday launched three satellites it hopes will help understand why the magnetic field that makes human life possible on earth appears to be weakening

EMFs pull us away from 7.83hz (Schumann or earth resonance). In an experiment where people were removed from the Schumann resonance, they developed all the symptoms of chronic illness. He suggested the film “Resonance: Beings of Frequency”. Biological disease is preceded by disarray in the body which prevents it from fixing itself

Symptoms of chronic illness include: immune dysregulation, Th1/Th2/Th3 imbalance, memory loss, scattered thinking, dysautonomia, sleep problems, inflammation, joint pain, heart palpitations, food sensitivities, light sensitivity, fatigue, Candida, cognitive issues, EMF-sensitivity, muscle pain, dehydration, allergies, head pain, and ringing in the ears.”

Symptoms of Being out of Tune

  1. Negative attitude
  2. Constant feelings of overwhelm
  3. Lack of enthusiasm
  4. Feeling tired and run down
  5. Chronic health issues
  6. Relationship problems
  7. Low creativity
  8. Being too quiet or too loud
  9. Living in constant conflict
  10. Non-participation in activities
  11. Substance abuse
  12. Fear of losing control
  13. Inability to relax or sleep well

Benefits of Being in Tune

  1. Positive attitude
  2. Ability to focus and concentrate
  3. Feelings of inspiration, vitality, and rejuvenation
  4. Good physical energy
  5. Strong immune system, good health and well- being
  6. Ability to relate to others peacefully
  7. Inspiration, creativity and strong learning ability
  8. Being calm and centered
  9. Positive and productive behavior patterns
  10. Live and enjoy the “now”
  11. No self-destructive impulses
  12. No uncontrollable bad habits, fears, or phobias
  13. Deep relaxation and good sleep

In Scripture, Deuteronomy 28 explains how mankind is blessed by obeying the Creators guidelines regarding the true way of love which leads to life, and how mankind becomes cursed by ignoring His directions.

Sound Therapy

If you feel that your body could use some tuning up, consider purchasing my CD entitled Tuning Fork Sound Therapy for Strengthening Organ Meridians which is available in our Store. While listening to the CD, feel the electro-magnetic distress release as each of the twelve organ meridians is tuned. Learn more about this sound therapy CD in the post Strengthening Meridian Energy. It is a great idea to stay tuned!

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