Tapping Technique

Gentle rhythmical tapping of the finger tips on the energy meridian pathways of the body releases blockages along these routes. Opening the energy flow through organ systems releases pent up energetic and emotional blockages, freeing stagnant energy to recycle and release. This technique diminishes stress hormones like cortisol, releasing their detrimental effects. Tapping may be done with or without stating affirmations as to what the blockage might be contributed to. Tapping is a simple technique for resolving a variety of issues.


Documented Studies Using a Variety of Tapping Techniques

  • Reductions in anxiety of 40%+ (Clond, 2015).
  • Reductions in stress hormones like cortisol (Groesbeck et al, 2017).
  • PTSD is remediated in 84% of veterans in 6 sessions (Sebastian & Nelms, 2016).
  • Reductions in depression symptoms of 41% (Nelms & Castel, 2016).
  • The elimination or reduction of stress-related conditions (Church, 2013a).
  • Follow-up studies show that for most clients, the results last over time (Church, 2013a).
  • Pain levels drop by an average of two-thirds in a 30 minute treatment (Church & Brooks, 2011).
  • The symptoms of autoimmune diseases like psoriasis and fibromyalgia are reduced (Brattberg, 2011; Hodge & Jurgens, 2014).
  • The neutralization of traumatic memories, using memory reconsolidation (Church, 2013b).
  • The regulation of inflammation and immunity genes (Maharaj, 2016).
  • Overweight clients don’t just lose weight – they keep weight off long-term (Stapleton et al., 2014).

Where to Tap on the Body

The body is comprised of fourteen meridian pathways directing energy flow throughout the body’s organs and endocrine glands. On the menu bar at the top of this page click on CHARTS for diagrams of each meridian pathway. Tapping on the beginning, end, or any location along the meridian opens blockages related to each meridian system. See the post Emotions and Physical Correlations for identifying which emotions are correlated with each organ system. This information is also available on each individual meridian chart page.

For a handy chart containing the emotion/physical body correlations, see this Correlations Chart.

Releasing Emotional Stress

Gently and rhythmically tapping on a specific meridian releases emotional stress correlated with that organ. The heart meridian is the most common tapping location since the heart is the emotional center. It flows with love and peacefulness which releases anxiety and stress. The main tapping point for clearing the heart energy is on the backside of the hand on the small finger side along the small intestine meridian by the knuckle. The heart and small intestine are paired energy flow meridians.

The kidney meridian is the second most common location for tapping because fear tends to set up blockages along this meridian pathway. The main tapping points are at the end of the kidney meridian below the collar bone.

While tapping, meditate on releasing emotional energy blockages while stating, “I deeply and profoundly love, accept, and respect myself, even though I’m feeling __________.” (Insert the negative emotion here.) This process may take a few minutes. During the tapping process continue taking nice deep breaths. Calmness will come over the body as stress releases from the body.

One tapping session may be sufficient for releasing an emotional blockage, but deep seated emotional blockages may take many sessions to release completely. If the emotion recurs again later after a tapping session, simply repeat the tapping while restating the affirmation. Some chronic issues may need to be tapped weekly or monthly to maintain emotional balance.

Releasing Pain

Gently and rhythmically tapping near a painful area of the body dissipates stagnant circulation for clearing pain and inflammation. Focus on releasing pain while tapping. After gently tapping near the painful part of the body for a minute or so, tap on the karate chop area on the outside back of the hand on the small finger side.

While tapping and thinking about releasing pain, do this energy clearing routine. Tap for about ten seconds for each item. This routine takes a few minutes and may be repeated.

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Open your eyes.
  3. Look down to the floor to the far right (keep your head facing forward).
  4. Look down to the floor to the far left (keep your head facing forward).
  5. Look up to the ceiling to the far right (keep your head facing forward).
  6. Look up to the ceiling to the far left (keep your head facing forward).
  7. Gently roll eyes around in a large clockwise circle with eyes closed.
  8. Gently roll eyes around in a large counter clockwise circle with eyes closed.
  9. Gently roll your eyes around in a clockwise circle with eyes open.
  10. Gently roll your eyes around in a counter clockwise circle with eyes open.
  11. Hum a high pitched tone.
  12. Count aloud from one to ten.
  13. Hum a low pitched tone.
  14. Standing up and march in place.

If pain is in multiple areas of the body, start with the highest intensity location. After doing the first tapping routine, proceed to the second most intense area and tap on this location for about a minute. Then do the tapping routine focused on releasing pain in this location. Continue until all painful areas of the body have been tapped. Do this routine as often as desired.

Additional Support

Between tapping sessions, listen to my Tuning Fork Sound Therapy CD for accelerating the healing process. Contact me to purchase a copy. In addition to energy therapy, don’t forget to take an abundance of supporting nutritional supplements for regenerating new tissues. Stem Cell Release Factor increases stem cell production by 65% within six hours of taking one serving. Wow! Blessings for a speedy recovery!

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