Is Cancer Attacking?

When cancer is attacking, bring life and love into this place, allowing biophotons to increase and activate the genes that have the job of cleaning up cell mutation (PTEN genes). Each bodily organ… continue reading »

Feng Shui

Feng shui is is a system of principles used in designing an environment for balanced energetic flow according to an individual’s needs. Feng shui is a Chinese term for wind-water (energy flow). Yin… continue reading »

Beneficial Bacteria

The microbiome of the body contains hundreds of different strains of live beneficial bacteria, mounting to over 100 trillion of these microorganisms in a healthy person. Good bacteria aid in breaking down carbohydrates… continue reading »


Mycotoxins are minute toxic particles produced by certain molds (fungi). They can be found in foodstuffs including grains, nuts (especially peanuts), seeds, spices, dried fruits, and coffee beans. Mold typically grows during humid… continue reading »

Being Heard

When a person’s feelings are not understood or their issues are not acknowledged, it might result in grief or it might erupt into anger from not being heard. Everyone has the need to… continue reading »

Vaccination Adverse Reactions

In the Children’s Health Defense, April 14, 2020, there is an eye opening article: Read the Fine Print: Vaccine Package Inserts Reveal Hundreds of Medical Conditions Linked to Vaccines. This post highlights the… continue reading »

Power of Thankfulness

Gratitude is a very powerful feeling, right in line with love, joy, and peace. In a survey about thankfulness ( 1,600 people said that the greater the number of gratitude experiences reported on… continue reading »

Stay Tuned

When a person is in tune, the attitudes of love and kindness will be the norm. When out of tune, a person will show signs of hostility or self-centeredness, expressing a distortion in… continue reading »

Eye Strength and Nutrition

Dr. Sam Berne, a holistic optometrist for over 25 years, has been resolving eye issues through a healthy lifestyle, supplements, and eye exercises. He shares free eye exercise protocols for strengthening eyes and… continue reading »

Sesame Seeds Nutrient Rich Food

Tahini is a very nutritious sesame seed nut butter widely used in the Mediterranean and Middle East. Tahini is a key ingredient in hummus, salad dressings, baking sauces, and halva (a dessert). Being… continue reading »

Oral Hygiene Linked to Alzheimer’s

Top researchers have determined that gingivitis (gum disease) plays a decisive role in the health of the brain and if a person develops Alzheimer’s or not. Gingivitis bacteria produce a protein that destroys… continue reading »

Strengthening Organ Meridian Energy

Pathways of electromagnetic energy flow throughout the body. These energy routes are called meridians. Twelve meridians flow through organs, along with one for the energy flowing up the front midline and one for… continue reading »


When a person feels and expresses compassion towards oneself and others, this is a good sign that the heart energy center of the body is open and flowing with strong energy. When a… continue reading »

Trauma Impacts Health

Having traumatic experiences as a child puts a person at higher risk for negative health effects later in life. A 2019 Center for Disease Control (CDC) report verifies that adults who had experienced… continue reading »

Teeth are Linked to Organs

Each tooth is linked to a specific meridian (energy flow highway of the body) and its organs. Sir William Osler (one of the founding fathers of modern medicine) suggested that the mouth is… continue reading »