Three Energy Centers

There are three major energy centers of the body called Dantian (Dan Tien) in the Asian culture. The top energy center is located in the head area, the center of knowledge and wisdom…. continue reading »

Sound Therapy

Scripture speaks of spiritual songs in Ephesians 5:19, “Speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.” Notice that sound is… continue reading »

Long Distance Energy

Quantum entanglement explains how photons (light energy) is quickly transmitted to a long distance location. “In quantum physics, entangled particles remain connected so that actions performed on one affect the other, even when… continue reading »

Chakra Errors

Kirlian photographs, which are color pictures of a person’s biofield, do not verify the existence of circles in front of the body following the order of the rainbow colors starting with red at… continue reading »

Piezoelectric Gemstones

Piezoelectricity is the ability of materials, including a few gemstones, to generate an electrical current when subjected to mechanical stress, vibration, or heat (pyroelectric). It was recorded back in 300 BC that the… continue reading »

Massage Roller Energy

Energizing muscles with a massage roller is fast and easy. Simply roll the ball end over tight muscles and experience the wonderful warmth of increased blood flow to the area. As muscles relax… continue reading »

Discerning Energy

Mastering discernment of the body’s biofield provides the understanding of the mechanism of tissue maintenance and restoration. When a person is surrounded by a strong biofield, it responds in a positive manner (attracting)… continue reading »

Earthing Energy

Earthing, also known as grounding, is the concept of being connected to the earth’s natural electrical field for its diverse benefits. The earth pulses at the frequency of 7.83 Hz (Schumann Frequency). See… continue reading »

Gemstone Colors

Gemstones are a marvel of creation showcasing an amazing array of beautiful colors. Diamonds (clear), rubies (red), sapphires (blue), and emeralds (green), are the four precious gemstones, and usually more expensive than semi… continue reading »

Tuning Forks Increase Energy

When the body’s frequencies are not in tune, a person may experience fatigue, perhaps to the point of exhaustion, leaving the body wide open to certain conditions, especially chronic fatigue, muscle aches and… continue reading »

Colors of the Chemical Elements

In the book, Let there be Light, Darius Dinshah (1873-1966) correlates a specific color with each chemical element. This is fascinating! He also correlates tissues of the body with colors, revealing the frequency… continue reading »

Increasing Biophotons and the Biofield

Raw foods are rich in biophotons which are light rays of energy plants have absorbed from the sun. Also,¬†biophotons¬†are generated in a person’s DNA. Healthy energy producing¬†mitochondria aid in preventing early aging and… continue reading »

Color Therapy

Light is the visible electromagnetic spectrum containing the colors, each of them being associated with a specific wavelength. The visible spectrum is a small fraction of the wide range of electromagnetic frequencies. Certain… continue reading »

Mitochondria Energy

Mitochondria are microscopic energy production centers located in each cell of the body, except red blood cells. Each cell contains several thousand tiny mitochondria. Thus, the body contains thousands of trillions of microscopic… continue reading »

Essential Oil Guide

Are you looking for an easy reference guide for common essential oils? Here are descriptive words which identify a main component of frequently used essential oils. Each essential oil provides a wide variety… continue reading »