Circulation Meridian

Circulation Meridian Chart by Wellbrocks © 2017 copyright, Pam Wellbrock. All rights reserved.
© 2017 copyright, Pam Wellbrock. All rights reserved.
  • Circulation peak time is 7 pm to 9 pm
  • Associated color: red
  • Season most active: summer
  • Negative emotion: greed
  • Positive emotion: generosity
  • Essential oils: cinnamon, cloves

The circulation meridian (pericardium, PC) has nine points, starting on the chest, traveling down the middle of the arm, to the middle finger. This meridian regulates the cardiovascular system.

  • PC 2 Inside of arm pain, numbness going down the arm
  • PC 4-6 Wrist pain, aching, weakness, poor circulation to the hands
  • PC 9 Circulation, finger pain

Follow the chart for finding these points on your body. After locating a point, press on it a bit. Is it tender or sore? Do you have any of the conditions associated with this point? Then this may be a location needing increased meridian energy flow. Place a PowerStrip over the area needing energy.

Circling each wrist with a PowerStrip that is cut in half gives all meridians a general energy balance. View a wrist reflex chart.

Also, listening to my Tuning Fork Sound Therapy for Strengthening Organ Meridians CD aids in strengthening meridian energy flow. Contact me to purchase this CD.