Long-term Stress

The long-term effects of stress on one’s health are significant. Over seventy-five percent of visits to family doctors are prompted by stress-related symptoms. Stress is more than just a nuisance or something that… continue reading »

Good Relationship Energy

A good relationship is developed on the solid foundation of love, acceptance, and respect (honor). It is a person’s responsibility in developing good relationships to be in control of their own personal words… continue reading »

Change Your Mind; Change Your Life

Are you controlling your emotions, or are your emotions controlling you?  Some think that they can’t change because their DNA runs their life. But, epigenetics has proven differently. Epigenetics literally means “above” or… continue reading »


Is there something keeping you from being happy? Do you think you don’t deserve happiness? Maybe you think you can’t be happy because your childhood was terrible, you were abused, or rejected? Or,… continue reading »

Value of Sleep

A good night’s sleep has tremendous value in disease prevention and optimal brain function. A poor sleep pattern or a chronic sleep deficiency is linked to many issues: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, musculoskeletal… continue reading »

Food and Mood

Food and Mood, by Elizabeth Somer, is a book about how food affects a person’s feelings. During high school, Kayla Wellbrock comprised this book review summarizing Elizabeth’s insight on the impact of food upon… continue reading »

Optimism or Pessimism?

Science has proven that an optimistic person lives much longer than a pessimistic one! An optimistic person believes that good ultimately prevails over evil and looks on the bright side of life. An… continue reading »

Acceptable Soothing

Soothing oneself during times of stress is a normal undertaking. When life becomes overwhelming, a person will try to resolve the uncomfortable feelings. This can be done in a variety ways; the best… continue reading »

Is Cancer Attacking?

When cancer is attacking, bring life and love into this place, allowing biophotons to increase and activate the genes that have the job of cleaning up cell mutation (PTEN genes). Each bodily organ… continue reading »

Being Heard

When a person’s feelings are not understood or their issues are not acknowledged, it might result in grief or it might erupt into anger from not being heard. Everyone has the need to… continue reading »

Power of Thankfulness

Gratitude is a very powerful feeling, right in line with love, joy, and peace. In a survey about thankfulness (Thnx4.org) 1,600 people said that the greater the number of gratitude experiences reported on… continue reading »


When a person feels and expresses compassion towards oneself and others, this is a good sign that the heart energy center of the body is open and flowing with strong energy. When a… continue reading »

Trauma Impacts Health

Having traumatic experiences as a child puts a person at higher risk for negative health effects later in life. A 2019 Center for Disease Control (CDC) report verifies that adults who had experienced… continue reading »

Improving Coping Skills for Calming Energy

When a person lacks coping skills, daily stresses may become overwhelming and lower one’s energy level. Avoiding problems causes them to build up, compounding their negative effects. Facing issues quickly and wisely allows… continue reading »

Feeling Valued Increases Energy

Feeling valued is an exhilarating feeling! When someone says, “Thanks, I really appreciate what you did for me”, this compliment feels wonderful! When someone doesn’t notice the hard work and effort you put… continue reading »