Governing Vessel Meridian

Governing Vessel Meridian Chart by Wellbrocks © 2017 copyright, Pam Wellbrock. All rights reserved.
© 2017 copyright, Pam Wellbrock. All rights reserved.
  • GV 3 Leg circulation, sciatica, low back pain
  • GV 4-5 Low back pain, stiffness, aching
  • GV 6-7 Kidney aches, low back pain, discomfort
  • GV 8-9 Stiffness, sore mid-back, curve in spine
  • GV 10-11 Stabbing pain, difficult breathing
  • GV 12 Pain between shoulder blades

Besides using the tradition acupuncture points, you may use the list of nerve reflexes to various organ systems of the body. Use this outline for a more concise reference to each organ of the body. The negative emotion for this meridian is haughtiness. Balsam fir is a beneficial essential oil for the governing vessel.

Typically being more exposed to the sun than the front of the body, the governing vessel is termed the yang (stronger) energy channel, having more influence on the yang meridians.

Follow the chart for finding these points on your body. After locating a point, press on it a bit. Is it tender or sore? Do you have any of the conditions associated with this point? This is a location needing increased meridian energy flow. Place a PowerStrip over the area needing energy. Also, listening to the Tuning Fork Sound Therapy for Strengthening Organ Meridians CD aids in strengthening meridian energy flow.