Governing Vessel Meridian

Governing Vessel Meridian Chart by Wellbrocks © 2017 copyright, Pam Wellbrock. All rights reserved.
© 2017 copyright, Pam Wellbrock. All rights reserved.
  • GV 3 Leg circulation, sciatica, low back pain
  • GV 4-5 Low back pain, stiffness, aching
  • GV 6-7 Kidney aches, low back pain, discomfort
  • GV 8-9 Stiffness, sore mid-back, curve in spine
  • GV 10-11 Stabbing pain, difficult breathing
  • GV 12 Pain between shoulder blades

Besides using the tradition acupuncture points, you may use the list of nerve reflexes to various organ systems of the body. Use this outline for a more concise reference to each organ of the body. The negative emotion for this meridian is haughtiness. Balsam fir is a beneficial essential oil for the governing vessel.

Follow the chart for finding these points on your body. After locating a point, press on it a bit. Is it tender or sore? Do you have any of the conditions associated with this point? This is a location needing increased meridian energy flow. Place a PowerStrip over the area needing energy. Also, listening to the Tuning Fork Sound Therapy for Strengthening Organ Meridians CD aids in strengthening meridian energy flow.