Water Testing

Thanks to modern chemistry, water testing can detect thousands of chemicals in water, even at very low concentrations. In areas where the earth is naturally rich in certain minerals like arsenic, levels in… continue reading »

Only Drink Purified Water

Good quality water is a life support need of each human being. Without any water, a person simply dies. Finding a high-quality water supply an extremely high priority! Water pollution is one of… continue reading »

Structured Water

Water is a liquid crystalline form comprising a large percentage of the body’s molecular structure. Crystals perform multiple functions: they detect, switch, store, modulate, filter, rectify, and amplify energy. A quartz watch is… continue reading »

Water is an Amazing Solvent

Water plays an amazing role as a solvent, keeping electrolytes and other nutrients in suspension for delivery to cells. With the body being about three-quarters water, maintaining hydration is an important task. When… continue reading »

Water and Light Generate Energy

Water molecules attract to one another due to their polarity. Hydrogen ends are positive, while the oxygen ends are negative. The surface tension of water comes from the light electrical force between molecules… continue reading »

Hydration for More Energy by Wellbrocks: Ministering through natural health education

Hydration for More Energy

Pure water is one of our most vital energy sources. It is said that an average person can only live 3-5 days without any water. According to a recent study, 24% of people in… continue reading »

Dehydration Lowers Energy by Wellbrocks: Ministering through natural health education

Dehydration Lowers Energy

The body contains about 70% water. This figures out to be around 100 pounds of water in a 150 pound person. Imagine this, nearly 12 full gallons of water (a gallon of water weighs 8.4… continue reading »

Low back Issues and Hydration by Wellbrocks: Ministering through natural health education

Low Back Issues and Hydration

Statistically, low back issues are becoming a major medical concern.  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reported in October, 2016, that a majority of U.S. adults reported a musculoskeletal pain disorder… continue reading »

Hydrate with Flavor by Wellbrocks: Ministering through natural health education

Hydrate with Flavor

Drinking plain water isn’t the only way to stay hydrated. You may hydrate with flavor through high moisture foods and tasty liquids. There are so many wonderful and nutritious ways to stay hydrated!… continue reading »

Dry Skin and Hydration by Wellbrocks: Ministering through natural health education

Dry Skin and Hydration

Does your skin feel sensitive, itchy, rough, or scaly? A major precursor to these conditions is dehydration. Have you been turning to creams and lotions and been unsuccessful at getting rid of these… continue reading »