Large Intestine Meridian

Large Intestine Meridian Chart by Wellbrocks © 2017 copyright, Pam Wellbrock. All rights reserved.
© 2017 copyright, Pam Wellbrock. All rights reserved.
  • Large Intestine peak time is 5 am to 7 am
  • Color Association: off white
  • Season most active: fall
  • Negative emotion: uptight
  • Positive emotion: moving forward freely
  • Essential oils: cypress, wintergreen
  • Tooth reflex: #4, #5 upper rt, #2, #3 lower rt, #12, #13 upper left, #14, #15 lower left

The large intestine meridian has 20 points beginning at the inside tip of the pointer finger traveling up the arm to below the nose.

  • LI 1-2 Large intestine energy, finger pain
  • LI 6-7 Carpal tunnel syndrome, sprained wrist, calming energy tension
  • LI 8-9 Lower arm pain, numbness, tendonitis, elbow pain, bowel tension
  • LI 14 Upper arm pain, shoulder pain, rotator cuff, frozen shoulder
  • LI 17-18 Sore throat, brain issues, neck tension, stiffness

Follow the chart for finding these points on your body. After locating a point, press on it a bit. Is it tender or sore? Do you have any of the conditions associated with this point? This may be a location needing increased meridian energy flow. Place a PowerStrip over the area needing energy.

Circling each wrist with a PowerStrip that is cut in half gives all meridians a general energy balance. View a wrist reflex chart.

Also, listening morning and evening to the Tabernacle Prayer CD, or other special frequency music aids in balancing meridians.