PowerStrips are topical strips containing a patented fusion of crystalline energy and herbs, delivering energy to all parts of the body. Place them on painful areas, old injury sites, or weak areas for a boost of energy. The potent ingredients are germanium crystals creating far infrared energy, fermented Korean red ginseng, open cell wall marine phytoplankton (Alpha 3 CMP),  ginger, 50 amazing quantum energy frequencies, and energy from the word “love” written in multiple languages on the back of the strip. Each of these key components are discussed in individual posts. Click on each of these highlighted links, or below on each post’s picture, for great information! Click here for a product introduction from ForeverGreen, the patent holder on the PowerStrips.

Body Energy Before and After Applying a PowerStrip

See these amazing before and after diagrams of the biofield in full size by clicking here. The first picture shows  a person’s electromagnetic field (biofield) using a Bio-Well scanner. The second picture was taken one-half hour after placing a PowerStrip on the neck area, expanding the energy field in this weak area. On the biofield diagram there is a noticeable gap in the biofield on the far left view. Increasing the energy in the weakest area of the body also increases energy to other low energy areas. As energy  increases in a specific location, surplus energy cascades into other weak areas of the body.

PowerStrips may be worn continually, allowing extra energy to flow throughout the meridian system all day long, supplying focused energy to each organ for two-hour increments within a twenty-four hour period. This energy cycle repeats itself each day. After bathing, replace a used PowerStrip with a fresh one every two days. Read all the posts about PowerStrips to learn about their amazing therapeutic value.

PowerStrip Placement

For PowerStrip placement ideas, click on the “Charts” link found on the top menu bar. These meridians are energy supply systems for each organ. PowerStrips may be ordered by contacting me or at http://wellbrock.fgxpress.com. This product might be the most unique you’ve ever experienced! Place them in low energy areas which might be painful, stiff or sore, or even old injury sites. You’ll be amazed with the results!

PowerStrips are Anti-aging

Emotions and Physical Correlations by Wellbrocks: Ministering through natural health educationEach meridian has a reflex point on the inside of the wrists. A PowerStrip may be placed over these wrist points for a general overall meridian energy balance. Best results are achieved when a PowerStrip is cut in half and wrapped entirely around each wrist, instead of just over the inside of the wrist where the points are located. Placing the strip completely around the wrist increases effectiveness for reaching the deeper meridian reflexes. Balancing meridians with this technique is great for anti-aging! Click here or on the picture to see an enlarged chart for easier reading.

Dr. Saucedo Explains PowerStrips

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BSCG Certified Drug Free

PowerStrips are certified by the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) as free of all banned substances and performance-enhancing drugs. This globally recognized certification opens the door of opportunity for PowerStrips to be used by professional athletes, coaches, and trainers.

In addition to BSCG certification, PowerStrips are FDA listed as a class one medical device. A class one listing certifies that PowerStrips are safe for every day use for temporary relief of minor aches and pains. In addition, PowerStrips are FDA listed for improving the look and feel of skin. The versatility of PowerStrips is amazing! Use them near any joint. Place them for the neck, back, shoulders, hips, knees, or ankles. Enjoy the pain relief and improvement in skin issues.

PowerStrip Placement Technique