Hair Mineral Analysis


Mineral and toxic heavy metal testing.



Hair Mineral Analysis is a lab report testing the presence of 21 minerals and toxic metals, determining if your mineral supply is adequate and if toxic metals are present. After purchasing the test kit here, it will be sent to you in the mail. After taking a hair sample, send it on to the lab for analysis. If you contact the lab directly, the price will be much higher than our special price of $65.

Head hair taken from the nape of the neck provides the best sample. Cut hair close to the scalp for the most current analysis. Send 125 mg. of hair, which covers a circle the size of a silver dollar (1 1/2″) about 1/4 inch high (one heaping tablespoon). More than this amount is okay, but less is not sufficient for doing an analysis. Full instructions are provided along with the kit.

See the post, “Can Openers and Heavy Metal Safety,” for benefits of heavy metal testing. The mineral supplements I highly recommend may be ordered through¬†Biotics Research Corp.

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