Spleen/Pancreas Meridians

Spleen/Pancreas Meridian Chart by Wellbrocks © 2017 copyright, Pam Wellbrock. All rights reserved.
© 2017 copyright, Pam Wellbrock. All rights reserved.
  • Spleen/Pancreas peak time is 9 am to 11 am
  • Color Association: yellow-orange
  • Season most active: late summer
  • Negative emotions: undervalued, low esteem, rejection
  • Positive emotion: valued, secure
  • Essential oils: bergamot, geranium
  • Teeth: Spleen reflexes are 1st and 2nd molar upper left side, 1st and 2nd premolar lower left side (14, 15, 20, 21). Pancreas reflexes are 1st and 2nd molar upper right side, 1st and 2nd premolar lower right side (2, 3, 28, 29).

The spleen meridian starts at the outside edge of the big left toe traveling upward to the collarbone and down to the rib cage about one hand’s width below the armpit. On the right side of the body, the pancreas meridian follows the same route. This is the only meridian system that has a different organ represented on each side of the body. In the abbreviation SP, S is for spleen and P is for pancreas.

  • SP 2-4 Big toe joint pain, gout, swelling
  • SP 6-7 Leg cramps, edema, insomnia
  • SP 14-15 Constipation, menstrual issues, low energy
  • SP 16 Spleen or Pancreas inflammation, tenderness
  • SP 18-19 Swollen lymph, chest tension, shortness of breath

Follow the chart for finding these points on your body. After locating a point, press on it a bit. Is it tender or sore? Do you have any of the conditions associated with this point? This may be a location needing increased meridian energy flow. Place a PowerStrip over the area needing energy.

Circling each wrist with a PowerStrip that is cut in half gives all meridians a general energy balance. View a wrist reflex chart.

Also, listening to the Tuning Fork Sound Therapy for Strengthening Organ Meridians CD aids in strengthening meridian energy flow. Contact me to purchase a copy.