Color Therapy

Light is the visible electromagnetic spectrum containing the colors, each of them being associated with a specific wavelength. The visible spectrum is a small fraction of the wide range of electromagnetic frequencies. Certain… continue reading »

Think positive

Emotions and Physical Correlations

Each emotion impacts the body with a particular physical response. These correlations are noted on meridian posts (linked on the right column) and charts (linked up on the menu bar). This post provides an… continue reading »

Conception Vessel Meridian Chart by Wellbrocks

Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel Meridians

The governing and conception vessels are extra meridians not associated with a specific organ. They carry energy up the front and back of the body. When energy does not have enough intensity to… continue reading »

Liver Meridian Chart by Wellbrocks

Gallbladder and Liver Meridians

Gallbladder peak time is 11 pm to 1 am – Liver is 1 am to 3 am Color association: green – Season most active: spring Negative emotions: gallbladder- hard to change, resentment Liver- easily… continue reading »

Lung Meridian Chart by Wellbrocks

Lung and Large Intestine Meridians

Lung peak time is 3 am to 5 am – Large intestine is 5 am to 7 am Color Association: off white – Season most active: fall Negative emotions: lung- grief Large intestine:… continue reading »

Stomach Meridan Chart for Wellbrocks

Stomach and Spleen/Pancreas Meridians

Stomach peak time is 7 am to 9 am – Spleen/Pancreas is 9 am to 11 am Color Association: yellow-orange – Season most active: late summer Negative emotions: stomach- worry, despair Spleen/pancreas- undervalued, low… continue reading »

Heart Meridian Chart by Wellbrocks

Heart and Small Intestine Meridians

Heart peak time is 11 am to 1 pm – Small intestine is 1 pm to 3 pm Associated color: red – Season most active: summer Negative emotions: heart- anxious, overly excited Small… continue reading »

Urinary Bladder Meridian Chart by Wellbrocks

Urinary Bladder and Kidney Meridians

Urinary bladder peak time is 3 pm to 5 pm – Kidney is 5 pm to 7 pm Color association: blue – Season most active: winter Negative emotions: urinary bladder- easily irritated, timid… continue reading »

Circulation Meridian Chart by Wellbrocks

Circulation and Endocrine Meridians

Circulation peak time is 7 pm to 9 pm – Endocrine is 9 pm to 11 pm Associated color: red – Season most active: summer Negative emotions: circulation- greed Endocrine- unstable Positive emotions:… continue reading »