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Testimonial of J. Ferg on natural health by Wellbrocks

In 2014 I survived a 28-foot fall, suffering a T9 & T10 traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI). I was told by a team of doctors that I would never be able to work full-time and I’d be on pain medication the rest of my life. It was devastating news, not something anyone would want to hear sitting across from a doctor. I decided right then and there, that wasn’t going to be the final prognosis for me. Within a week of the injury I started natural therapies and within three months I was drug-free. And, through hard work, in five months I was back to work full-time. Everyone was amazed!

In addition to the spinal cord injury from this work accident, I sustained paraplegia, neurogenic bladder and bowel, broken femur, and seven broken ribs. They removed my spleen because of internal injuries. Much to the doctor’s amazement, I have not had any bladder infections, pressure sores, or pneumonia. These problems are very common with people having traumatic SCI accidents.

I faithfully use nutritional supplements, wear PowerStrips over the T9 & T10 area of my back, stay hydrated to keep my kidneys and bladder healthy, detoxify regularly, and stay really optimistic, which, in addition to all the other things I’m doing, is a huge part of my overall recovery. I do regular physical therapy. I’m continually improving and my quality of life is tremendously better than anyone ever expected. I can even drive my own specially-equipped truck, enabling me to get to work and back home. I have independence!

I encourage anyone going through a major traumatic event, or even just to be a healthier version of yourself, to consider doing natural therapy. If you desire a healthier lifestyle, a natural health-care regimen is the way to go. Would you like to talk to me about my experience? By all means, contact Pam and she’ll get in touch with me.

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