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Testimonial Picture of Tony Rasmussen by Wellbrocks

In 2013, I had a motorcycle accident which sent me right to the hospital. When I found out that I had just torn most of my hamstring muscle completely off the bone, I was devastated. They scheduled a surgery to re-attach the muscle the next week.

When we returned home, my wife called Pam and she immediately sent us a pack of PowerStrips. We applied one near the top back of the leg to relieve pain. In two days, when we took it off, we were amazed at how the dark blue color had mostly cleared from underneath where the strip was! We placed another one lower and when we removed it, again, how much better it looked! We placed another one to continue clearing the discoloration.

My wife told Pam about the good news and she asked us to take a picture; she had to see it to believe it! We emailed her this picture of the back of my leg so she could see the incredible change. The entire leg had been dark blue just a few days earlier. We continued using the PowerStrips and by the time I had surgery, the doctor was also amazed at how the hematoma (blood under the skin) had cleared.

After the surgery, my doctor said I probably wouldn’t return back to work for at least six months. I continued using PowerStrips, along with other natural therapies and supplements. Only three and a half months later, I was back working full-time. By supporting my healing naturally, I was all better about twice as fast as the doctor expected! Based on my personal results, I highly recommend doing natural therapies to anyone interested in getting better as quickly as possible.

Testimony of Tony Rasmussen Leg Condition by Wellbrocks





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